Storage Heaters

Our installer will check that there is an existing restricted hours (off peak) meter fitted and that  the wiring circuits to connect the storage heater are correctly installed. If it is a new storage heater fitment the correct wiring circuits will be installed and tested.
JS Electrical Services will carry out a detailed assessment of the wall fabric the heater is to be mounted and fixed to, ensuring it is correctly mounted.
A storage heater is very heavy and incorrect or unsuitable wall fixings can lead to  the heater becoming detached from the wall causing damage to the unit and potentially serious injury to anyone near it. 
The heater is loaded with the heat storage core bricks and then connected to your existing restricted hours wiring circuit using replacement heat resistant flex. The existing wall isolator will be inspected for wear and deterioration and if there is any doubt that it’s performance may be effected this is also replaced. 
The off peak consumer unit controlling your storage heater will be visually inspected for wear and deterioration and terminals checked for security. 
Tests can be carried out on your existing restricted hours wiring circuits from the consumer unit to the heater to confirm there are no cable faults and the heater will work correctly. Our electricians will also explain in detail the operating procedure of the new storage heater and answer any questions you may have.

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