Additional Sockets

When reviewing your existing socket requirements it makes sense to convert single sockets to doubles and apart from the excavation of the extra size hole, this is a simple replacement job.
JS Electrical Services can also add additional sockets into your houses electrical circuit advising you the best solution for all your electrical installations to avoid overloading your circuit.
If necessary when adding additional sockets and to remain safe avoiding circuit overload we can also add extra circuits back to the distribution box / fuse box.
With today’s demands and modern living on your homes electrical supply, it could be short-sighted not to put at least half a dozen sockets in every main room, and possibly more in areas like kitchens, living rooms and home offices. This prevents individual socket overload from adding extension leads and multiple double adapters into extension leads.
We provide electrical services ranging from changing the front plates of your existing sockets to a more modern design to adding additional electrical sockets to your existing installations. 
When considering additional socket outlets, we can provide professional advice and outline the options you have for your rooms taking into account the main use of the room.

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  • Additional Sockets