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Single Camera Door Monitoring

JS Electrical Services provide Single Camera Door Monitoring installation services.


GUARDCAM. Guardcam is a great low cost way of monitoring a specific location. It is basically a traditional looking security light incorporating a CCTV camera that will capture 20 seconds of video footage every time it is triggered and save it onto its on board SD card.

LED Retro Fit Lighting Units

LED Retro Fit Lighting Units. LED lighting technology is quickly becoming the latest money saving fix for replacing the old and inefficient Tungsten/Halogen down light bulbs. They take 1/10 the energy to run for the same light output compared to incandescent light bulbs . Contact us for more details on this great new technology.

Fully Enclosed LED Lighting Units

JS Electrical Services provide Fully Enclosed LED Lighting installation services.

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights. LED floodlights using the latest CREE LED technology are the new breed of low energy flood lights that will save you pounds on your electricity bill. If you have the old fashioned Tungsten/Halogen security lights fitted already, change to these and save money.

LED Garden and Patio Lighting

LED Garden and Patio Lighting. All types of domestic lighting projects undertaken, from feature spot lighting, wall wash, deck lights, driveway/drive over lighting and much more. Available in many different themes and light colour variations.