Specialist Electrical Services & Electricans

JS Electrical Services are a fully qualified and certified Electrical business and along with our team of experienced electricians we can provide a huge range of electrical services for both domestic and small scale commercial projects.

Here at JS Electrical Services, aswell as our range of general domestic and small commercial electrical services we also provide specialist services.

Our Specialist Electrical Services include:

Aerial and Rigging Services

Aerial and Rigging Services. Small scale mast work for most types of antenna systems, including UHF, FM, AM, DAB, WIFI, GSM and two way communications.

Satellite Receivers and Dish Erection

Satellite Receivers and Dish Erection. All types of domestic satellite work undertaken ranging from Freesat, European, motorised and multi room systems. Free to Air systems supplied, installed and up and running in less than two hours.

Motorised Satellite Systems Fitted

Motorised Satellite Systems Fitted. JS Electrical Services provide Motorised Satellite Systems installation services. Please contact us for more information.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms. We can usually fit a basic system for less than £299.00 We can also supply and install more sophisticated systems incorporating smoke/heat detection, automatic lighting control and alerts via voice and text diallers.

GSM Signal Boosters

GSM Signal Boosters. We are proficient in the installation and setting up of GSM Mobile Phone Signal Boosters. For people living and working in poor mobile phone and 3G reception areas.

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems. CCTV systems supplied and installed ranging from single camera door monitoring to professional multi camera systems incorporating 24/7 recording and play back in HD quality, motion detection, super low light level cameras and remote monitoring anywhere in the world via your smart phone or PC.