JS Electrical Services - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

JS Electrical Services provide a wide range of electrical services and electrical installations services. Our electrical services include domestic installations to small scale commercial installations.


Please feel free to browse our electrical services from our professionally trained and qualified electricians.


Wall Mount TV and Audio Services

Flat screen TV's and audio systems professionally installed without all your messy cables on show! Using the latest HDMI face plates your TV and all its associated equipment can be connected via HDMI, Component audio/video, USB, Ethernet, Optical, UHF and SAT effortlessly.

Additional Sockets

When reviewing your existing socket requirements it makes sense to convert single sockets to doubles and apart from the excavation of the extra size hole, this is a simple replacement job. JS Electrical Services can also add additional sockets into your houses electrical circuit advising you the best solution for all your electrical installations to avoid overloading your circu...

Loft Lights Fitted

JS Electrical can install loft lighting to create an extra useable space in your home. Choice of lighting and choice available can be discussed to ensure the correct type of lighting is installed to suit the purpose of the loft. A lot of home owners are now creating extra rooms from what used to be a storage space in the loft nowadays so ensuring you have the best solution inst...

Additional Lighting

Lighting can be used to enhance your home making it a much more comfortable environment to live in. If you are thinking about replacing old light fittings with new modern lights, or perhaps you are looking to add lighting in a particular room or area of your home JS Electrical Services can help plan and install your lighting choices.

Kitchen Electrical Installations

Kitchen electrics are often over looked when installing a new kitchen. It is important to take this into consideration when planning a new kitchen installation that you might need to have your kitchen rewired. Your kitchen may not need rewiring but you may just want to move a few sockets or add a double socket in the kitchen area to provide power to a new appliance.

Bathroom Electrical Installations

From an electrical safety point of view, the bathroom is possibly the most dangerous room in the home and any electrical installation is recommended to be carried out by a qualified electrician. There are special requirements for electrical installations in bathrooms and with JS Electrical Services we can provide a high quality electrical service to meet your project requiremen...